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How much money will I save with solar panels?

The more you use, the more you save since rates are tiered. Solar has achieved 'grid parity' where the cost for solar energy is the same or less than utility power. Your savings can be analyzed in many ways; as a percentage, by the kilowatt hour, monthly, annually and over a lifetime. It is important to consider multiple funding options, know your main savings priorities and pick the solar finance plan that works best for you or your or business.


How can I get solar for free or zero money out of my pocket?

Nothing is life is free, right? Some solar companies advertise or claim to offer 'Free Solar' but it is deceiving. A lease or power purchase agreement is a long term commitment - while zero down, certainly not free! You can go solar with 'zero down' without giving up the ownership of your solar power or the solar tax incentives. Many options are available that put the power and ownership of solar energy in your hands.


Own Solar versus Solar Lease or Solar PPA.

Should I buy my solar system and own it or buy the power from a solar company? There are unique benefits for each way of going solar. Owning has never been easier with numerous finance options. Solar power without a 20 year power purchase or solar lease lien can increase property value substantially, sometimes more than the solar costs. Solar leases and power purchase agreements can decrease property value if buyers or consumers do not want to take on the long term contract. Property values are often suppressed by long term, third party solar contracts (leases and PPAs) where the outstanding contract must be paid in full if the buyer refuses to take on or over the 20 or 25 year contract. Leases and PPA's have been losing market share as financing options for ownership have become numerous and diverse

What if I don't want solar on my roof?

Some roofs are not suited for solar for various reasons. Sometimes roof space is limited, shaded, bad roof condition, etc. Solar can be mounted off the roof in many ways:

 - Ground Mounted

 - Solar shade structures

 - Solar Patio

 - Solar Carport

 - RV Carport

 - Solar Gazebo

 - Solar Awning


How long will solar work and what's the guarantee?

Solar power has proven to be reliable and functional for decades. Solar panels typically come with a 25 year production guarantee. Solar inverters typically come with a 10 to 25 year warranty depending on type. It is estimated that solar systems properly installed today could be operational for over 40 years from now. Parts and labor are commonly provided by top-tier solar manufacturers and solar installers during the duration of the solar warranty.